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  1. yeah, she taught him to say "I wear bra" Don't you remember that video of her from VS where she was teaching how to say bra in pt? it saw "sutien" (I don't know how to write it) and she said, "eu uso sutien" hahaha
  2. Andreia


    she taught him to say 'i use bra' right?
  3. Andreia


    oooh I wanna see the beautiful belly!!!!
  4. Andreia


    beautiful! she looks so petite compared to Marko hehe
  5. I like the editorial!!!! <3
  6. funny way of doing her hair ... she looks like she has a wig on.. oohh VS... but I love Adri anyway i'm kind of confused... right, she is back to being thin again *tryes not to do any comment about her skiiiiiiinny legs*... but I kind of see a little bump? ... *doesn't understand a thing* My point is not really her looks, how skinny or not skinny she gets, at all! I just wanna know if there will be another baby... aaaah so impatient!
  7. I'm not saying she is pregnant, I'm not saying she is not. I am no one to have that discussion, for God's sake. But I just think that the "belly" is not a good reason. In this pics she wasn't pregnant and look at her stomach.
  8. I don't want her to be pregnant either.... oh why
  9. you know ladies, that kind of dress and that pattern makes people look bigger
  10. Andreia


    http://justjared.buzznet.com/2012/01/26/ad...ot-in-st-barts/ new candids shoting VS swim... beautiful
  11. I'm a huge fan too but I don't like every picture of Dri and I don't have to even if I love her! But I think the bad pictures are more product of the photoshopping that VS is doing than for her making a bad face. They supposedly have techniques to make them more even more beautiful: lights, good quality photography... but yeah, VS is VS and it's like WHAT? I srsly don't get this people... it's like they do it omn purpose I don't think ANY vs model should be photoshopped for their catalogue pictures... where do they left the thing about Feeling great in your own body... they are saying all the time the same thing.. that you need to feel sexy and that you are sexy but I wouldn't trust a brand that says that and THEEEN... photoshops all their pictures, if you know what I mean and no I'm not saying that they have bad products because I haven't even touched nothing made by VS.
  12. Andreia


    I'm like nobody here (don't post but read always) but can't you guys just love her for once? It's so tired to see how much hating is on this forum If someone thinks she is unheatlthy and stuff well you don't like her anymore so why waste your time coming here? There are PLENTY of models threads where you can go and love and adore them. If the admins want they can delete this post or whatever and I am not gonna continue the arguing if someone will reply to this... I don't think she will change her lifestyle or whatever you are criticizing her about just because you don't accept it... let ther live. She CAN be a little skinner but she looks HEALTHY. She was smiling and having a good time...damn!
  13. hahaha yes but the post was edited and there were two photos of her.
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