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  1. continuing the translation. MC:How do you protect yourself from masculine harassment,when a man wants,for example,get advantages with with your fame? GB:Look,i think i`m a good-i mean nowadays,it`s something i`ve learned in my life as well-i`m good in judging people personality`s.And now,men don`t come to me as they used to do.I think people has more fear of coming close to me. When a man is flirting with me,i notice if he wants to saty with me for appearing to the others,or if he really likes me. MC:How much time do you take to notice it? GB:Ah,it`s right in that moment.I just put my eyes on him and i see.You have how to know if the person looks not reliable. MC:If the person isn`t looking at your eyes,but is looking at tour clothes label... GB:Yeah,i dont`trust,i don`t trust.And there are men who talk to you like this(she pusts her head on the reporter`s breast),i immediately say:"get off,man!"i`m very honest and objective.I f i perceive you`re coming to me only to get advantages,why should i spend my time with you?I just turn my face and go away.I won`t stay there for the guy who wants to use me. MC:Do the men fear you? GB:I`m sure they do.(she turns to the photographer Henrique Gendri,her longtime friend,present in the interview).What you think Henrique?Do the men fear me?(the photgrapher says yes). MC:how do you manage it? GB:I`ll die single,you know?That`s what i have to do(laughs).No,i think that you want the man to come to you,and talk to you,and be an interesting man.I think the man has to go after the woman.
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  5. continuing mc:are you a jealous woman? gb:no.ahn...once in a while i am,but i`m only jealous with boyfriends and stuff like that.With material things or friends,i`m not,but with boyfriends,i used to be.Nowadays i`m no t so jealous anymore cause i`ve learned that what has to be,will be.I`ve learned that when you`re jealous,it `s because you`re insecure.it`s a problem inside your own.Jealousy is insecurity. mc:Have you had a ridiculous moment because of jealousy? gb:i`ve done a scene of jealousy,but i wouldn`t do it again.I`m not gonna tell you.waht a disaster it would be!(she looks for her manager with her eyes).Once i went to a boy-i won`t say who he was,and i won`t say how old i was too because if so,you will know who was the boy,but i was younger,i was really "spicy" in that time.I was in a party,and i had had a fight with my boyfriend.I arrived there and he was talking to some girls.Then,there was another boy who was really cute,and i started to "stay" with the other boy just to provoke my boyfriend.then,he(the ex-boyfriend)came and sit in front of me and i was there dancing with the other boy,pretending i didn`t care.It was he making me jealous,and i ,making him jealous.Then ,at some moment,i got so angry(the girls were pactically talking into his mouth),that i went ther,took the guy for his shirt and i did this(she takes the interviwer`s blouse)and i said:listen,i never want to see you in front of me again,you idiot!And i went screaming,taking him for his shirt and he was like that(she opens her eyes),and then,i went away.I pushed him like that(she pushes the air)and i left the party,really beautiful with my new boy.I left the party very happy.It was one of the first relationships of my life,so how would i know how to handle with it?If today,it is difficult,can you imagine 5 years ago? mc:And did you stay with the other guy? gb:I didn`t stay with the other guy.i was using him to make the other be jealous,you know? mc:did you feel guilty after that? gb:I felt awful but i was a jerk.I ws so little but i didn`t know.Nowadays i would never do it!Can you imagine such a thing?!(laughs)I f i did it,people would call me crazy,obsessed,maniac. ky.bmp ky.bmp
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