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  1. well gee...thank you. : D

  2. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  3. hey, faget...do you know who the blonde is in those pictures? or is she just an unknown? love those pics, by the way. [pokes her siggy] i love robbie wadge. xD
  4. the pics i'm finding are running low...if anyone else could help, that'd be awesome. ;D
  5. i LOVE her eyes. pretty much her whole face. i know models are supposed to be all exquisitely thin and tall and such...but i think i would be equally fascinated with nothing more than expressive eyes, good facial features, and beautiful hair. i'm lame, i know.
  6. NAME - DORIANE MONNIER DOB - I've read the 7th of December but don't have a year. I believe she's sixteen or seventeen? Any info? BORN[ - CANADA Height: 5'9 1/2" (177cm) Bust: 34" (86cm) Waist: 24" (61cm) Hips: 34 1/2" (88cm) Dress: 2-4 Shoe: 10 Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Hometown: Brossard, Quebec, CANADA Agencies: One Management NY, Marilyn Paris, Why Not Milan, Giovanni Montreal Trivia: A member of a hip-hop dance troupe. I could be wrong, but when I searched for Doriane I couldn't find a thread. So here's to hoping that this isn't a repeat post. I recently found Doriane on supermodels.nl and I think she has an interesting look. I like her face. Which might sound strange, but the smirk and the eyes do it for me.
  7. ^^ just random bits i found on supermodels.nl thought i'd share. i don't believe these have been posted yet. if so, sorry, dears.
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