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  1. LOL !! Barbara Palvin's thread ?! What are you talking about ?! I mean have you seen my post ? I 'll say it again " .. it's her life.. so she has the right to hang out with who ever she wants.." and personally, I'm not really interested in models private life I prefere to talk about their carreer ( campaigns, magazine covers, editorials...) that's why I came to this thread !! I've been following Shanina's carreer since four years ago and that was my first post in this thread... So thank you guys  for your hospitality    :hug:


    Any established model that is hanging out with Justin Bieber clearly doesn't love herself.


    It wasn't Justin Bieber's yacht in fact it was owned by someone else. Bieber. Michelle Rodriquez and others were on the yacht until the party Friday night for designer Riscardo Tisci. The remainder of the guests would rock up day by day. Shanina was merely talking to Bieber (not a crime) just as she was photographed hanging with Michelle at the DJ table on the yacht. It's merely the media focussing on Justin's whereabout's and sitting talking to a beautiful model makes news. Don't always believe what you read in the media.


    True !! and he was the one who published the photo with Shanina on instagram and not her ! and even if it was her.. I mean I'm not a Justin Bieber fan but she's a human and  it's her life.. so she has the right to hang out with who ever she wants !! (we should stop being judgmental) 

  3. Miranda is in Paris. 


    from her instagram

    Every fashionista thrives on the occasional image change and Swedish retailer H&M is no different, renaming its key seasonal fashion collection H&M Studio in time for the Autumn 2014 show tonight in Paris. The limited-edition line has its own dedicated design team and is intended to showcase the hottest, latest lust-worthy pieces from the brand.

    While you may not be able to get to the Grand Palais to take your front-row seat, you can still tune into the action at 9.20pm Central European time (that’s early Thursday morning Down Under) at hm.com to catch the live stream. And if it’s all a bit too early for your daily fashion dose, you can catch up later in the day with the coverage set to loop for the following 24 hours.




    :woot:   :woot:  :woot:

    YEEEEEEESS !! :ddr:  Paris Fashion Week just started yesterday !! Hopefully l we're gonna see her rocking some high fashion runways !!

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