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  1. Hi, I am not sure where to post this and if this is the wrong place then I am sorry..Does anyone know of a website that will allow free hosting of Victoria Secret pictures besides PhotoBucket? I had to take my photobucket website down because I received an e-mail from Photobucket the images from Victoria Secret are trademark images and I was posting them without Victoria Secret permission, I could leave them there but Photobucket advised me that Victoria Secret was willing to legal action if I left them there. So I have no longer have any images at Photobucket any more.
  2. Thank you Night Owl, I thought I recognized her but wasn't sure..Any one know who the second model is?
  3. I am pretty sure that she is Tatiana Kovylina
  4. I'm sure that there will be more than one version of the 2007 swim catalog, they usually send out one more than one version every year.
  5. New picture of Adriana from VS, hope it isnt a repost.
  6. Wow that was quick!! Thank you Sahara..
  7. From the Spring 2007 Catalog on line, is the first one Michelle Buswell?? Thanks, chuggie
  8. Is this model that was in the Fashion Show Natasha Poly?
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