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  1. Yes have you ever been in love?
  2. anywhere? i would like to go back to Europe and see this rare painting but...i cannot this rare painting doesn't want to be bothered. and you where would you go?
  3. No, never Have you ever been in a situation that u did everything u can possibly can to avoid falling in love and yet u still did?
  4. yes - maybe a few Do u want to redo an event in your life?
  5. no, i've never sky dive because they didn't want me to join the ARMY. have you ever jump off the roof of your house and on to the swimming pool?
  6. NO - They always ask me but i normally refuse except...when i read something about a prayer to GOD. have you ever been?
  7. yh, institution or death or both ^ haha NO ONE...i have a trust baggage Do you trust people?
  8. yes have you ever dine in a sailing boat and watch the sunset?
  9. Hahaha institution^ NO Is marriage what you want?
  10. i'm thinking about a wedding this saturday...i have to go again
  11. No Are you afraid of the dark in the jungle?
  12. marlone

    I Am...

    thinking pistachios ice cream too but i'm too tried to go to the store
  13. no, i'm drinkin' propel...with tequila j/k are you watching something scary?
  14. Barbados, aruba, ummm why don't we go to bahamas...oh, down in mexicoooo
  15. marlone

    I Am...

    reading a book (Alexandria Quartet) while blogging, chatting on the phone, reading comments, and yes i am also meditating to relax my mind.
  16. yes, lately...i'm eating kind of healthy because i'm running for a charity are you someone that likes to eat junk food?
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