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  1. I need to see the movie. well i love to b with my friends no matter what we do I always have fun...we like to go to the coffee or movies in a house or maybe go to dance at the disco!!! cuz we love to dance LOL and I like listening to music, draw and do tshirts and paint tennis so is what I do most of the time LOL now one of my friends is teaching me to sew so its my new activitY :D

  2. with Jlo? oh I need to see that movie well ciudad juarez is a really dangerous city here :/ Im really far far away from that city and of course i will never go there LOL!...what do u do in ur free time? :)

  3. Im next to the beach, in Veracruz, Mexico :) is great here...cuz I love the sun and the beach so being next to them is what I love more about my city...also is a lot of hot LOL, omg rio!! u can see all the supermodels there SO COOL!!

  4. no his name doesnt sound spanish LOL...no im from mexico :) are u from brasil? I LOVE BRASIL i want to go there <3 one of my dreams

  5. haha he is SO cute is the love of my life LOL!...jon kortajarena, mode from Spain one of the best now :)

  6. lirey

    hola :D!!!

    yo tampoco veo a muchos hablando espa

  7. haahaque onda diego casi ni entro por aca :P

  8. ohhh ;D is good to know haha lol

  9. haha well are u in another forum? like AAOF or like that? maybe I know u there ;D

  10. (: are u in another forum? maybe I see u in another lol Im bad with names

  11. es bueno verte por acaa :D

  12. es bueno ver gente conocida ;D

  13. ;D hello I just see ur comment lol

  14. thank u girl ;*!!! I'll do my best :D

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