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  1. First..THANK YOU to EVERYONE posting the VSFS promo pics! My complaint is with the VS Promotional/ Marketing Department. Why are these pics so dark? The models are in all black (very sexy) but the lighting is terrible. VS is spending a ton on a photo call like this and then they screw it up with high school auditorium lighting. <_<
  2. VH..or anyone who has attended a VS product event... I've always wanted to go to one but live NO WHERE near a major market area. What was the crowd like? Lines around the block? How long did you have to wait for an autograph? What was the male/female ratio? Are you surprised when seeing the models in person? Just curious.... Thank you to everyone who posted pics from the Bombshell launch!!!
  3. Thank you Fergetta! Joanna looks incredible! Any idea what event this was? I would love to see some more pics from this!
  4. Is this Ale's red (pink) carpet dress? I hope so!!!!! Thank you to EVERYONE posting the VSFS event!!!!!
  5. Amanda is currently modeling for Boston Proper.
  6. Does anyone know this model for Boston Proper (women's clothing catalog company based in South Florida)? She is stunning IMHO and reminds me of Kate Beckinsale. Thank you very much for your help!
  7. Thank you dawson! The pics of Bar in green are new to me! Does anyone know when/where they are from? Are there any more from this event?
  8. CAHA had loaded a bunch of HQs from Venus - but I didn't see this one...
  9. Karen is also currently modeling for Venus Swimwear. http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/3374/z8268bk16zy3.jpg
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