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    Fuck they were amazing
  2. I had to make sure which of the packages delivered today was yours vs the one I ordered...

    2 down 5 to go :dead_horse:Lemme know updated tracking on the other's when they come in.

    Thank you again for whatever the fuck you got me :wub::hug: 

  3. ^ Honey, she was always dull and unnoticeable She was just caught in the VS spotlight, without it no-one would tell her apart from some amateur on the street or at school
  4. I had my bonus paid this check And the time before I had 35 hours of overtime More than likely no more Unless Emergencies, or I feel like it...... etc.....
  5. That thing you're making me do as to not open the mountain of gifts you have purchased for your dear old northern Canuck family Check your money holder too, I wanna make sure it went through, speaking of being patient
  6. But if you're patient and wait and then buy it won't it just be that much more amazing? Don't kill me please, it's not even 7am here yet. I can offer Penguins as peace offerings
  7. @Prettyphile See the latest email from slim line? So there's your answer why it's never there Maybe you can obtain some soon™
  8. @[email protected] Kawaii Waifu & Weeb theme for 2019? Imagine Kate squished up like a Waifu while being chased by Hunter (I know that would imply Hunter could run/jog) as a dirty weeb dressed in a Kimino with her manga in her hand of Kate's character + Tentacle porn for sure Sammy Hoopes will model with an octopus that will wrap it's slimy tentacles all around her and then when they try and remove it she'll have suction cup marks all over her, then MJ will accidentally give her a blue ring octopus to play with, and Sammy could possibly RIP (no Resto Shammy)
  9. Pretty and I went over the whole thing yesterday. Much boring Getting "swimswear" from Etsy SJW pride Women who have "inspirational" quotes written on them that don't really do much/not actually wearing body paint or a swimsuit Sammy = Nina Agdal shoot And many other things that were dumb/boring/stupid/annoying/not sexy/not interesting. 3/10 Only cause I was making Pretty laugh most of the time while looking at the models and picking apart the designers
  10. Says it's your birthday young lady :flower: 

    1. CandleVixen


      It was! Thank you!


  11. ^ If my vacation allows it I wanna head to Ozzfest this year, I don't think I'll get there but I will try... Don't get her started.... She was looking at more for me as we were Skyping....... And I quote:
  12. In May they're at Rolling Loud Festival in Miami, it'll be a good show though if/when you can see them. Tell me how it goes. Also fuck your presents.... They're gonna sit in my closet and now that I have to number shit No more after this @Stormbringer she's up to 7 for me already this year.... it's fucking February.
  13. C.O.C. was phenomenal, they had such a stage presence and brought the crowd into it after a terrible first opener. Then yea, Zakk kinda came on and blew the whole place up
  14. @Stormbringer Saw Corrosion of Conformity and Black Label Society last night (friday night.) Both were just amazing, Zak blew my mind
  15. @Prettyphile Check the place that holds your money tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day.
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