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  1. I like Elisha as an actress, but since we're talking pure Eye Candy...my vote is for OLA.
  2. I broke the tie! Yeh this was tough. I like Jess prolly as a girlfriend cuz she's pretty hot, and has more 'substance' and depth, (not to mention loaded haha) Hope that didn't make me sound like a man-whore?! Anyways, Josie overall is more attractive if we are talking superficial beauty. There's just something so :evil: about her--but more in a "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" kinda way.
  3. Oluchi ANAAAA!! ^^^ Those pix from the 2005 are probably my All Time favorite pix ever--of ANY model. They're f*@#$% heart- stopping. Anyways, did anyone else burst out laughing at Adriana's weird ass Airline outfit??! Think was after Gisele's, to close the segment.
  4. ^^ What Brenlynn said. I think most guys like Scarlett for her rack lolz honestly. She's ok, but Charlize is by far a more natural beauty---by far!! I think this might be the first time we dont agree on someone..................o yea, I forgot bout Izabel Matt where's ur sig from? She looks really cute there. Actually I did like Scarlett but not in the way most guys are crazy bout her in. I downgraded her to "ok" after seeing Lost in Translation.
  5. ^^ What Brenlynn said. I think most guys like Scarlett for her rack lolz honestly. She's ok, but Charlize is by far a more natural beauty---by far!!
  6. Yeh I agree with Rhett "sexy" is def. hard to quantify. I chose Pretty cuz C'mon we're all superficial ppl here-- or else we won't be in a forum practically dedicated to MODELS. I went with 'pretty' cuz I think it's the safest option. The problem with "sexy", in my experiences, is that I could totally be attracted to her 'sexiness' (sexiness is more attitude based) but turned off by her (facial) looks. Yeh, I'm superficial . Then I havta fight myself on whether to hook up with her or not. It's too hard!
  7. Hmm...I think Natalia takes better pix, but I find Ale sexier. So, unfortunately it'll be Alessandra.
  8. Karolina looks like the Superstar and Izabel looks like the dark, mysterious, sexy one!! :evil: On another note, when did Adriana make out with 50 cent?! (BARF) There goes my lunch. Is she BLIND?? Of all Hip Hop stars---him??! Over Usher, P.Diddy list goes on...
  9. Sweet-lady, do u think those were pix of Ana in her apt? Where r they from?
  10. Eugenia..yes definately and acquired taste- an exquisite one at that. I am definately a convert. Haven't been on the board for awhile- but WTF is Adriana doing as the board header?!?!? This makes me hate the Limaholics more- AND it's not even a good pic shyt!
  11. TantrumXSpeed


    mo is a godsend!!! Yep, definately! Do u guys notice that the Yanks seem to find ways to beat the two best teams- Detroit and the White Sox, but sometimes falter against lesser teams?? But of course since the All Star break it's been (Y)
  12. TantrumXSpeed


    Why can't the Phillies win just one, ONE game against those darn Sox!!! <_< Those Bean boys ARGh.
  13. I always thought Nicole was pretty hot. That pic of Jess looks good too. The red head- is S.C.A.R.Y!! As for the rest, can anyone put pix as to who is whom? thanx!
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