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  1. Forever. Holding on.

  2. Hun! What do you mean with "Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf"?

  3. Thank you, it's Vanessa Hegelmaier!

  4. I just think that it's so sweet.

  5. OMG I love your sig. :heart:


    Thank you so much sweetie, being 20 does feel great.

  7. Oh well thank you so much dear!!

  8. Your faster than me, hun! :D Yes, I am and it feels great. Thank you so much.

  9. Well send it to mey hun! Take your time. :) I want to know your opinion, I can do one, too. It was horrible - YUCK. I'm happy it's over.

  10. *amazing faces who were successful last season are already fading away and don't ask why because there is NEVER logic behind that! Urgh...Nice things though: Tanya D. is back, Paris & Milan collections were really nice and Ymre is also rocking the scene again. Muah!

  11. Oh my mistake...! Oh boy don't get me started - too many bad things. I thought the whole season was off, too many new girls. They all look the same and I bet at least 50 % of them will be forgotten in one year maximum. But what really is horrible is that my CBN looks terryfing and I just want her to get help NOW but instead people make her walk shows. Disgusting. And to top that so many a

  12. Who's the handsome dude? Is it you? Anyway...Hi Jude! :D

  13. Oh I'm very fine, thank you. I'm in the middle of an orientation year. :) That's why I have so many time "working" on the models threads...Coming August everything will change though when I start working - I guess everything will be soo different. But great. :) :-*

  14. Watcha doin hun. Hope your fine, I miss you here. :*

  15. No way, I had no idea! I'll definately watch that show on youtube, already saw it there. But you have to be very strong now it says that dearest Tom prefers the stronger gender. Aaaaahhh!

  16. Hiiiiii! :D Have you seen how many movies are coming out with Tom Hardy? Personally can't wait for Dark night rises..

  17. Hun your inbox is full I couldn't send you the pictures for the body comp. :)

  18. Glad to have you back. <3 Wishing you a happy new year!

  19. Wa Wa Woom! Congratulations - you definately deserveto be among the mods.

  20. Actually I think it sounds more like a chinese accent. ^^ This politician is pretty famous in germany for his bad accent:

  21. *Archer: "WHAT?"

    Boss: "Sterling!"

    Old german guy: "She is only sixteen! DU SCHWEIN! Don't you come near her again!"

    Was that what you meant? If so - the correct translation of "Schwein" is "pig" - you either use it for the animal or as a swearword! Wooho, got it? :D

  22. Okay so just for you - I watched the first part of that episode (and I have to admit - it wasn't too bad :D). I'll just type down the conversation, starting at 04:32:

    Archer:"No she does!"

    Old german guy: "My Anka? What do you mean?"

    Black beauty: "Alright"

    Blonde dude: "Ja, Archer glaubt, Anka ist dirty sexy"

    Archer: "

  23. Seriously you love all the men I love too. I mean Tom Hardy is just :wub: Plus Crazy little thing called love is one of my favorites from Queen. <3 :D

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