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  1. who's the girl in your avatar

  2. she's candice boucher. she is a south african model.

  3. thanks for the erin's set you made me, I like it alot.

  4. thanks for my set baby

  5. your welcome, thanks for the avatar u made. is really pretty.

  6. that is a beautiful picture you have of ana beatriz in your profile

  7. Beautiful Avatar.

  8. i like your josie avatar.

  9. thanks baby jude for my set i like it, it is awesome, i am already using the set you made me

  10. thanks for the set is pretty. i like it.

  11. thank you, the model in my signature is julie ordon.

  12. can you see the pictures i posted on the rate the picture above. can you see my avatar. cuz the picture is my avatar but bigger

  13. that is chanel celaya

  14. hi i saw you seen profile and i was just curious to see who you were.

  15. happy new year

  16. she is really pretty, i like her guess ad, she looks really pretty in those pictures.

  17. thanks, i had a good b-day.

  18. candice boucher is on my set

  19. thanks, i had a great b-day

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