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  1. heeeey..

    just a quick quesion. who's that girl in your sig?

    thx, sauce

  2. heeey i know it's been ages.. i'm sorry! i'm fine, and how ru? this week i've been very busy with family things. what have u done last week? graduation was great, when i have time i'll send u some pics!!

  3. sorry bout yesterday.. i fell asleep, was so tired! how was jane austin??

  4. hey, may i add u in my msn?

    regards, sauce:)

  5. thats megan ewing! want me to send u the whole pic?

  6. aw nice post you made in the cassie thread!!

    how u been?

  7. waaaaazup?

    how was your weekend?

    when will i see you online?

  8. hate to bother you but have you been able to find it?

  9. that's totally alright with me:) what interests do we share? alcoholic beverages?:D may i ask about your ethnicity?

  10. hi:) you added me on your friends list?

  11. cold:( are you fully spanish? you look mixed..

  12. you're sig is so desirable!! where is the vid from?

  13. hey! thank you very much! i can give that compliment back to you! how is it in spain baby?:D

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