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  1. ^I posted that only a couple of pages ago, better quality too: http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?s=&...t&p=2716981! :whistle:
    I agree. It sounds like it's set up for disappointment. Candice, i love her but she is quite boring. And she doesn't have oomph or excitement to her I can't see her effectively opening the show. Adri is my favorite but I'm level headed enough to acknowledge that she can't always open the show.
    ^As hopeful for the future as this makes me (with this promise of the existence of "level headed" Adriana fans! :shifty: ); unfortunately I have to disagree about Candice - I think she has possibly the best walk out of all the current "Angels". It doesn't need to have whistles and bells (or rather hearts and kissy-faces) to be strong and sexy. It's what made me notice her in 2007, and I'm hoping it'll be as purposeful as Gisele in 2005/2006 (albeit a different generation, which I'm sure we don't need to be reminded of again :sleep:)...

    In agree, For me, Candice and Doutzen have the strongest walks out of the current lineup. It really amazes me that some at tfs think Chanel does; it isn't bad, but it's nothing phenomenal :blink:

  2. I do NOT like the sound of light up wings :whistle:

    just because something is extravagant doesn't always mean it's necessary or proper! I don't know how I feel about lit up bras in the PINK segment... let alone lit up things in the regular segments. Hmmmm, a ballet theme could be good though.

    Didn't Gisele have ligght up wings in 2001 and Heidi a light up bra in 2005. I know that was under a different designer, but it stills seems like rehashing old ideas.

  3. For the ballet-themed section, she will be wearing a fitted purple corset with wings. It's really elegant.

    Ballet themed? I'm guessing this will be black swan inspired.

    The description of that outfit sounds like this sketch.

    Now that you mentioned that, I can see it knid of making sense. I hope it turns out well though. As of late, they're segment themes have been kind of half-assed (especially all 2009 and PINK since 2008)

  4. VS seriously needs to get new models to come in for castings. Tits and ass are not a bad thing when it's a goddamn lingerie runway show. This isn't high fashion folks, we're not trying to appeal to fashionistas... Stupid people.

    They pre-select which models actually come to castings, so they must really like the hf body types. I mean look at their current angel line-up; 70% of them are B cups at the largest. Last year, they had alot of "curvier" models in the casting video, but they obviously didnt find them appealing enough <_<

  5. Looking at the casting board in this image

    I see (besides the angels) Constance, Frida G, Milou sluis, Karmen Pedaru, and Sui He, Anja Rubik, Eniko, Jessica Stam and maybe Jasmine Tookes? Can anyone identify the otheer models?

    Anais Mali in that bottommost black&white Ford picture


    Vsholic is going crazy right now, because of this board. General things i find intersting about the board:

    1. Emanuela is not on there

    2. Anja is one of the first ones, even though people claim that she doesnt want to walk for them anymore

    3. The board is up while models are still trying out, suggesting that its only partially complete

    4. Jessica Stam is all the way at the bottom :laugh:

    5. Selita is missing even though she confirmed herself before castings even started.

    6. Theres a blank spot after Constance and a blank card two rows down

  6. ShaninaMShaik

    Just want to confirm with everyone I did cast for VS and had a good response that's all :) nothing confirmed

    :( Maybe she just can't say anything about it yet?

    They're probably at the point of only finalizing their big board of potential girls. That or she knows that VS is prone to add and drop girls at the last minute (ex. 2007) and thus doesnt want to get her hopes too high just yet.

  7. Whoa ok, so first of all I'm really happy that Miranda and Selita are back. In my opinion they really belong there.

    I'm really fine with Maroon 5, Cee-Lo Green and Kanye West performing - doubt that it's going to be boring. How weird though - Anne and Adam Levine / Kanye and Chanel ? That's going to be interesting how they will interact. 8)

    I'm quite excited! :chicken:

    And Kanye was rumored to have had something with Selita multiple times and with Sessilee back in 2008....

  8. Can you quote those tweets here please?

    "Bom dia Galera!!Ricardo Tisci arrasou como sempre!!lindo desfile!!Pena que nao pude cortar meu cabelo curto e mudar a cor para preto!!beijos"

    One of her latest tweets is "Vou ter que cancelar meus desfiles de amanha aqui em paris!!Sniff!,pois vou fotografar um mega editorial com um mega fotografo!!uhuuu :)"

    Which says that she has to cancel her shows for tomorrow to shoot a major editorial

  9. ^You forgot Adriana.

    And I hear Kings of Leon is performing, to cap off the great year they've had.

    I heard that, to out fetishize her last outfit, a shoeless Emanuela will be performing a samba routine Junior Jack's e Samba, dressed in garb and tribal makeup typical to her region of Brazil. (she'll also be encompassed by an army of half-naked men, of course)

    Midway through the performance, she'll be swiftly replaced by Gracie who, in turn, will be removed in favor of a closing number done by Lais.

  10. so what you are saying is Candice is more lucky than anything else. right place, right time.(if any Candice fan was offended by that i apologize. Candice is still the supreme ruler of the modeling universe)

    and BB: Never HUSH. your voice is like a siren's. it needs to be heard. (shamless sucking up, yes)

    That can be said about Behati and Linsday too, who were both late castings for the 2007 show. Jeisa and Heather got ther short-end of the stick when both of them had scheduling conflicts that year.

  11. Oh god is Kanye dating/sleeping/banging Lais Ribeiro now? Cause they took a [email protected]!?

    I Doubt it. He just crashed/showed up at the Holiday shooting that day. He also took a picture with Doutzen, who was also on set that day. Besides, if Kanye liked Lais, he would have included her name in that Christian Dior Denim Flow song were he name drops 100 models ;) On a sidenote, Izabel tweeted that she was shooting for VS that very same day, but I guess it was a non-holiday catalogue shoot. Also, I'm loving that Edita and Lais were included in the holiday shoot. Now that I think about it, isn't this the third holiday shoot Edita has been apart of for the company?

  12. ^thats disturbing :ninja:

    I love Candice but there is no way VS should keep her if she does not put on some weight.

    And yet, people still think that that is "natural". <_< I'm sure Anja, Natasha, Hana, Lily D, Inguna, and Snejana at their worst was "natural" as well (even when pictures prove otherwise) :banghead:

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