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  1. pm from phenobarbie

    Sorry to bother you, but I thought I would bring to your attention the secondary Daria thread in the competitions section. While I am aware there is a poll attached to it, the fact that there are 11 pages of runway pictures is a little bit bothersome. I may be the only one, (I'm not certian) however I find it quite annoying when I log on and it's back at the top of the page for competitions.


    If you feel that it's acceptable that is fine, just thought I'm mention it. Thank you again for your time and patiance and I hope you have a good summer.


  2. Thread has been cleaned and re-archived. Please remember that a little common courtesy goes a long way. Most posters take time to locate and post these pictures. Just a small little thank you for them is all that is necessary to maintain a healthy balance. Further instances could lead to a permanent removal of the thread. So just remember, keep the atmosphere friendly. :fun:

  3. Barbara Meier



    (taken from wikipedia)

    Birth name: Barbara Meier

    Date of birth: July 25, 1986

    Place of birth: Amberg, Bavaria, Germany

    Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)

    Hair color: Red

    Eye color: Blue

    Measurements: 32.5-24-36 (US), 83-61-92 (EU)

    Dress size: 6 (US), 36 (EU), 8 (UK)

    Shoe size: 7 (US), 38 (EU), 5 (UK)

    Agency: IMG Models


    Barbara Meier (born July 25, 1986 in Amberg, Germany) is the winner of the second cycle of Germany's Next Topmodel (often abbreviated as GNTM), a successful German televised modelling contest presented by Heidi Klum. The series was aired from March to May 2007 by the commercial TV channel ProSieben. Meier's trademark look is defined by her long red hair and pale skin.



    Born in the small Bavarian town of Amberg, Barbara Meier didn't originally aspire a career in modelling. Instead, after graduating from school, she enrolled at the Fachhochschule Regensburg in order to study mathematics.

    While shopping at a local mall, she was invited by a model scout to a casting for GNTM. Out of 16,421 participants in the national casting, she was chosen among the 15 candidates to appear on the TV show. In the course of the show, she had to face a series of challenges in order to outrival her contestants. Even before the end of the show, one of these minor competitions had her win a leading role alongside Heidi Klum in a nationwide TV commercial for McDonald's.


    In the last episode, she outpaced the other two finalists, brunette Hana and blonde Anni, and was declared winner of the title "Germany's Next Topmodel". The prize included a contract with the modelling agency IMG Models, an appearance on the cover of the German edition of Cosmopolitan in August 2007 and a contract as the face of the next advertising campaign for the clothing company C&A. Within only a few months after winning, Meier was able to take on several major businesses, such as an editorial shooting for Cartier, which was published in Vogue Taiwan, or a contract with Pantene.

    In her private life, Meier has been in a steady relationship since 2003.


    This first post is credited to content provided by CarMELita.

  4. I have handed out several warnings to several members that were involved in the arguments that took place over the past day or so. So everyone involved please check your warnings and see what it is that you were warned for. Repeat offenses will not be tolerated.

    Over 141 posts had to be deleted to clean up Doutzen's thread. If some members cannot handle a model having her thread where she is talked about and has her pictures shared, we will no longer have the thread. I have no problem completely deleting the thread forever due to a few people that ruin it for everyone.

    A lot of you completely disregard the rules whenever there is a tiny flare up. Please remember that even though you may be upset with another member's posts or thoughts it is better to just report the post using the report button so that a moderator or admin can come and deal with it in the right manner.

    Next time such an incident in this thread will not be tolerated and the thread will be deleted permanently.

    Also I would like to take the time to remind the users of the forum that it is expected for you to use only English while posting in a model's thread. The only threads where other languages are permissable is the People of Bellazon threads. It is impossible for us to moderate a foreign language, so your post will simply be deleted if it is in any other native tongue.

    PS - Concerning the question that Mack just brought up. Adding people to your ignore list is very easy. Just left click on their user name to go to their profile page. There you will find a drop down menu on the left side with the title Options. The first option is Ignore User, click that and the member will be added to your ignore list.

    Thanks for your cooperation

    A Message From PinkCouture:

    In addition to RG's message, I just want to say as hard as we try to moderate this forum we sometimes do overlook things (we apologize :( ), and I hope you all can understand that. Which is why we have a "report" button at the end of each post for members to report issues that requires immediate attention. With that said, I want to thank all those who reported the problematic post instead of just of doing nothing to appease the situation, but complain about the staff :flower:

  5. And since Q is one of the original mods i think he deserves the best moderator award !

    No way... I can't even remember who the original mods were. I have not been on the board from the very beginning (that is, July 2004, I think?).

    I remember valmount... and... damn, that's all.

    haha it was me, gocho, valmount

    and i cant remember if there was more or not

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