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  1. Hime

    Happy B-Day Ange!!!! *hugs*

  2. Happy B-Day Neme!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday girl!!!! *hugs*

  4. hey Ann Mary! :wave: added you!!!

  5. hey everybody! sorry for my late answer... I Love Rica And Ronaldo- what's your name? you always choose long nicknames and I'm a lazy ass... lol

  6. hey!! hope it's ok- I added you on my list! have a nice day...

  7. I added you to my friends list Linda!!! have a nice day I'm going to watch desperete housewives...bye!!! *hugs*

  8. it was Flavia...and you're welcome!

  9. oh, wow! not regreting visiting your profile 'cause I usually don't lurk in people's pages, but G-Dragon makes me go o-mai-godu! really cool! waiting for your return, there are so many things to catch up, I wonder if I should start B2ST's thread *whistle*

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