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  1. I don't want to sound like a drug addict, I only smoke pot...I don't even drink...Anyway things like this wouldn't happen if we ended the war on drugs. Check out www.leap.cc if you don't know what I mean. It is insane that our government won't even consider it, mafias would lose most of their power, gangs as well, murders would drop, everything would be better. (just for the hell of it, I'll point out that before any drug was outlawed in the US the drug addiction rate was 1.3%, guess what it is now...1.3%, I mean THANK GOD for the war on drugs, you have helps save so many people!)
  2. Before seeing this, I would of never thought it, but I think he might be gay.
  3. Wow, that guy is such an idiot. Children you should really only stick to weed. I don't drink, smoke ciggs or huff. I only smoke weed and it is great.
  4. Thanks everyone. I'm sorry I said you guys were less important, it's just that we talked everyday for quite a long time. We seemed to know eachother pretty well. You guys are really cool and I plan on sticking around.
  5. This actually pisses me off a lot. No offense to you nice people, but I would of considered myself more important. God I've been worried for such a long time and he doesn't bother to tell me he is ok. What a jackass.
  6. Ouch that hurts. I want to know why he came here and didn't even bother to email me.
  7. dietpepsi


    Hi, I'm a good friend of Spark3d and am a bit worried about him. We have been friends since sometime in 2004. If anyone has had contact with Spark3d beyond July 22, 2005. Please post here.
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