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  1. ditto to what Lyon said. happy birthday!

  2. happy birthday... again :D

  3. try to be on brawl in about 2 hours.

  4. let me know if youre up for some Brawling. it gets boring beating up nick by myself.

  5. aww :( well, what's her name/links to vids of her :p

  6. is that girl in your sig still on the show?

  7. thanks! she's gorg

  8. who's that in your avi? i feel like i'm asking everybody that recently haha

  9. who's in your avi?

  10. happy birthday again :D

  11. miss you too! it's been literally years :/

  12. dianneeeee, youre so old. happy birthday!

  13. happy b day to one of the original members of bz

  14. happy birthday julia!

  15. hey who's that girl Casillas is kissing?

  16. its all downhill from here :p

  17. hey i saw the vid today! Anne V kicks some ass it it.

  18. whoa, late reply. i'm good. summer has started off boring for me. hopefully a beach is in my near future. what are you doing this summer?

  19. I thought so! Man, that was ages ago. I was a child haha. I remember that you live in Miami and that you had found the love of your life, other than Ana...

  20. the only 16 and preg i've seen is the one with Valerie haha. But i've heard about Jenelle. and about the sugar tax. I heard about it on the news once. I don't follow news that much :/ I don't think there are many supporters of it though.

  21. finally! what did you think of it?

  22. it has been awhile. i just had a nice memorial day bar-b-que with the fam. then a graduate next week! you still have that pink jeep? :p

  23. I hate you! you know why :p

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