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  1. that movie looks good :p

  2. i thought i had a lot then i looked at yours. I think you have more than anyone on bz :| id watch out, maybe you have a stalker :p

  3. how does your profile have so many views? :p

  4. oh so youre out of the bat pack now missy :p I went to sleep at like 3

  5. in a way I want the Bears to win but after watching the COlts have that amazing comeback I started to like them. Peyton deserves at least 1 ring.

  6. i think i remember you saying it.

  7. Whats up Angie. :wave: You get your license yet? :p

  8. I know, myspace got some "strange" people. i try to saty off it as much as possible. BZs pimped out now :p

  9. im guessing you used past tense on purpose :p

  10. oh, well hes a lucky guy :D

  11. youre homeschooled? whats with that homecoming pic then?

  12. skinny dipping eh? came close once. I bet you have :devil:

  13. you think youre an angel dont you :p

  14. :hug: I thought you liked them a little skinny :p

  15. how do you know im a sharapova perve? theres no post to prove it :p

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