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  1. On 7/11/2020 at 9:11 AM, SympathysSilhouette said:

    Whoa, she is like ridiculously beautiful!

    She's the first actress I've had a thing for in years and I can't explain why. Not even my type I don't get why I'm semi obsessed with her :laugh: 




    Wow there has been no activity in this thread since the Warriors dominance started, coincidence? Probably but maybe not. Also my Sixers are ranked their highest in 16 or so years so you could say I'm pretty ecstatic. We have the most exciting young team in the league if you ask me (although biased).

  2. Spring Breakers :drool:

    Some people are going to hate it. Watch it with an open mind, this is a Harmony Korine film after all. Anyway if you're a guy there's really no way to dislike this movie :laugh:

  3. Even though the show is getting very "Lost" it's definitely the best it's ever been. I swear if my cable provider gets rid of AMC like they keep talking about I will have a fit (call them begging them to keep the channel).

  4. wow some great stuff here you guys. and it's great that Alt-J won (I think it was I who introduced them to this thread) :whistle: :p

    and while you guys always seem to be pretty up on your female musicians, somehow the best track and video IMO, of the year has gone past you.

    Solange's Losing You.

    Dev Hynes, of Blood Orange and Lightspeed Champion, produced her new EP with his whole 80's new wave vibe and this track is just PERFECT. And the video is just too cool.


    typical LA fan I guess. :p

    regarding the "Super" teams; They need to cut down the NBA. Get rid of a few teams. Even if they just get rid of 2 teams it'd noticeably improve the league. right now it's too watered down talent wise and there's always at least 5 teams each year that have absolutely no chance of doing anything.

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