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  1. She was an adorable little girl.
  2. So gorgeous! I wish she were more popular.
  3. She looks like she was such a sweet girl. Thank you for the pix Diana.<3
  4. Aww, thnx for all the unseen photos. The one of her jumping is so adorable.:-]
  5. Beautiful showcard. She looks so cute in the 2nd pic.
  6. Freaking gorgeous! Thanx for the pics.<333
  7. ediebaby

    Mila Kunis

    Thnx for the cool pix Java.:-]
  8. Whoa! Never seen the ones of her with the rainbow hair, I love it.
  9. Those pictures are amazing, thanx for posting them. She looks so pretty and goofy at the same time.:-]
  10. Did she write this poem herself or did she get it from a song or something? It's beautiful.
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