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  1. Hey I'm back! haha

    1. ILUVAdrianaLima


      Hey long time no see :D How did the jewelery thing go? :)

  2. Yes, I've been busy with school, work, and helping to plan a wedding! The wedding happened this past Saturday so now I'm totally free again! Speaking of weddings...are you a happily married man yet? :D

  3. Oh gods yes! My friend introduced me to SoA when it first came out. She's dating a biker (a former 1%er lol). I always loved Charlie since his Nicholas Nickleby days. I'm worried though about the network trying to tell Kurt how to write his series.

  4. Happy is my absolute fav. Real life badass. XD

    I didn't get to meet any of the SoA actors but I could have sworn I saw Charlie Hunnam a few weeks ago in Hawaii. Probably my delusional fantasizing.

  5. Hey LMS, I'm playing catch up with all the threads since I've been gone for months now. lol. Wanted to drop a hi! Have a great day :)

  6. Hi FI! I hope you're doing good :)

  7. Yes, I haven't been on BZ in months! Hectic life nd finlly getting some down time. I hope you're well!

  8. Hiiiii! I've ben MIA for the past several months. I hope all is well with you.

  9. I hope you had an awesome weekend. So sorry this is such a late reply. Been swamped with starting up Fall term. I've been sneaking on when I should be doing homework. LOL. How have you been?

  10. thank you! I hope you're having a good week as well. Just got back from another island for work. glad to be home.

  11. lol its Michelle Vawer. Actually I want ppl to ask, so no biggie. Girl's thread needs more attn. xD

  12. you're welcome :) I can make you the Cristiano set sometime tomorrow if no one made it for you yet.

  13. its a year late, but here go. hope you like it...


  14. hey tinkerbelle, I found some info on Angel Turner. she doesn't model anymore.

  15. Hi Kemal :). No, it is not Balti, but a model who looks alot like her. Its Noelle Roques.

  16. yeah, even though Cameron was working on his 'Avatar' for years, Ang was popular to the masses first.

  17. congrats on narrowing down a date that's one stress thing out of the way (almost :]). as my male cousins tell me, when they get married, they just want to know where to stand. ahaha.

  18. I agree w/your siggy

  19. a*hole* xD

    been on Kauai for a bit to spend time with family after the funeral and all. hows everything on your end?

  20. its been a bit crazy, but its all settling down now. my step dad's mom died in a head on collision. some a*hold fell asleep at the wheel and swerved into her lane. the funeral just passed.

  21. hiiii! hope you're doing well. :)

  22. LOL sorry, I don't know how to get notifications for ppl posting on this thing. ahaha yessss Manu Bennett. I think he's hotter than that Andy guy.

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