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  1. yes. :yes:

    ...let's see from what she herself says, she's got her: eyes (double eyelid) done, nose (thinner bridge and pointier end) done, cheeks (implants) done,

    oh need i say more??? :cain:

    What are double eyelids? I've never heard of this. I think she is pretty though.

  2. Hello All. My name is Michael, and I'm new here. I've been looking through this forum for about a week now, and felt like becoming a member. I am especially pleased with the Megan Ewing, Adriana Lima, and Keira Knightley threads. I'm an American currently serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I'm very proud of my country, but I don't agree with all of it's policies. (It's rights like that that make America one of the best nations to live in.) When I'm not serving my country in Iraq I live in Germany. I am enjoying it very much. I enjoy learning about how things are everywhere else in the world. (These learning experiences have greatly increased my appreciation of America.) I've also been to South America, and absolutely loved it. I hope the Air Force finds another reason to send me back there! I might even go back on my own some day.

    As a gift to Bellazon I also bring one of my custom Wallpapers: Jennifer Garner


    The original background image is from Greg Martin. The other images were found on the internet from various sites and forums.

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