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  1. trollololol post more in the Bar thread please, it is rather entertaining XD

  2. ur very pretty if thats u in the personal pic and sorry that ur team lost to the best...For

  3. well of-course there's fireworks, aren't there fireworks on ur b-day?

  4. what do u mean where do i live? im repping West Staines Massiv. but i stay the chitown suberbs

  5. what was the first thing MJ asked when he got to heaven? .................................. where's baby Jesus?

  6. why is you nicking my quotes?......that bruno film should be pretty funny.

  7. XD it's just so she won't come in first because i expect people to rate her rather high

  8. yea that guy is hilarious cant wait for the Bruno movie to come out. Borat was mad funny and Ali G in Da House was crazy.

  9. yea, kind of funny but thats what you get for messing with them BLT's.

    West side.

  10. you have no idea how much the quote in your sig made me rage >:(

  11. you have such a lovely smile

  12. You're Welcome :D

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