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  1. you have such a lovely smile

  2. lol, thanks

  3. thanks for having a good sense of humor

  4. I love your soidberg...

    way cool

  5. siniko

    thanks for that link it was mad funny

  6. im still waiting on my Patron

  7. Happy B day

  8. nice "about you" content

  9. well of-course there's fireworks, aren't there fireworks on ur b-day?

  10. lol, thanks

  11. what was the first thing MJ asked when he got to heaven? .................................. where's baby Jesus?

  12. french and kinky? oh, no wait its kiki, are u really french?

  13. nice personal pic. is that you?

  14. 'I got an A+ in Poonarni but failed me exams! how is dat?!'

  15. nice signiture, a bit disappointed they didnt show anything though :(

  16. Can I borrow your underwear?.....lol i wonder what people think if they were to read this out of context.

  17. what do u mean where do i live? im repping West Staines Massiv. but i stay the chitown suberbs

  18. fings is fit wicked around here...representin my hood...keeping mingers out..."So, if this show teach you anything, it should teach you how to respek everyone: animals, children, bitches, spazmos, mingers, lezzers, fatty boombahs, and even gaylords. So, to all you lot watching this, but mainly to the normal people, respek. West side."

  19. bomb-ass avatar

  20. "Chicken dippers!!!"

    Is it 'cos I is black?

    who's being racialist now. i just dropped by to say: respek.

  21. racialist....lol.....funnier interviews he did is with andy roony. respek

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