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  1. love your avatar

  2. nice "about you" content

  3. nice personal pic. is that you?

  4. nice signiture, a bit disappointed they didnt show anything though :(

  5. Not that I know of.

  6. o una chilanga, chido tu avatar

  7. ok, u win but Ronaldo is fair game........ lol jk.

  8. olivia wilde

  9. OMFG dat sig gave me a semi

  10. OMG dat personal pic is rather intoxicating.

  11. OMG are you a wizard?

  12. one of the best sigs ever

  13. racialist....lol.....funnier interviews he did is with andy roony. respek

  14. sup Ice Angel XD

  15. thanks :hug:

  16. thanks for having a good sense of humor

  17. siniko

    thanks for that link it was mad funny

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