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  1. Who is the other female model in that Garage Summer video? The one who steals Nina's lounge chair and flirts with her boyfriend?
  2. who is that in the blue in post #4205?
  3. Who is the blonde model in the middle in this picture? I'd really like to know, thanks!
  4. If anyone knows, could you please tell me? Thanks.
  5. If anyone could let me know, that would be great, thanks.
  6. goblue8028

    VS Model's ID

    Does anyone know who the blonde is on the right side of the picture? Thanks in advance
  7. goblue8028

    VS Model's ID

    Thanks Francy and if that is not VS then feel free to delete it or move it to the proper model id section, thanks
  8. goblue8028

    VS Model's ID

    Can anyone help me identify who these models were from the VSFS last year? Thanks. untitled.bmp untitled3.bmp untitled2.bmp untitled.bmp untitled3.bmp untitled2.bmp
  9. I believe this is the same model but if it's not, could someone tell me who both of these girls are? Thanks.
  10. I'm sorry if this has been asked on here before but is there a list of all the models who participated in the show anywhere on Bellazon? Thanks.
  11. goblue8028

    VS Model's ID

    Who is the model in the red sweatshirt? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. I always have such a hard time making up lists like this but I'll give it a shot anyways. 1. Kate Beckinsale 2. Erin Heatherton 3. Izabel Goulart 4. Scarlett Johannson 5. Cintia Dicker 6. Carrie Underwood 7. Brooklyn Decker 8. Adriana Lima 9. Katie Cassidy 10. Nina Dobrev 11. Ashley Greene 12. Alessandra Ambrosio 13. Gemma Arterton 14. Edita Vilkeviciute 15. Carla Ossa 16. Renata Kuerten 17. Kim Cloutier 18. Jessie James 19. Emma Watson 20. Dianna Agron
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