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  1. Guten tag :)

    Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  2. yeah, I know that would be the best choice, but the thing is, I need a guy for a character in an RPG, and Gaspard is already taken
  3. So, I need to find a hot or charming young actor (actually it can be also a musician or model, but an actor would be ideal) I searched for 2 days on my own, but now I'm really frustated <_< maybe you can help me brown or black hair would be optimal and he shouldn't LOOK older than 19 maybe someone like them: Ben Barnes Ed Westwick please, please, please help me!
  4. JARED LETO!!!! his eyes are fascinating!! and I love Johnny Depp's eyes, they are so dark and deep...
  5. definitely J U D E L A W he's AWESOME!!!! :wub2: he has something special
  6. for me he looks like Ian Somerhalder...could it be him?
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