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  1. Around...how ya been?

  2. Anja, Ilze, and Valentina

  3. lovely andi fan site :)

  4. your turning 1, explains so much :hehe:

  5. O really and who was this mysterious person and what exactly did you figure out :P

  6. you watching that make me a supermodel after project runway?

  7. It's a shame your stupid American Beauty thread was still made :p

  8. I use Imageready CS2 to make them. It's a program that comes with Photoshop CS2 if you didn't know :)

  9. O thank you, I am not that great, I try though :)

  10. *cough*douchebag*cough

  11. Nice set you got going there mate, what you been up too :)

  12. I am guessing the video card. Thats sucks with the battery.

  13. Did you ever fix your computer screen.

  14. Glad to see you back :)

  15. Popped your comment cherry :shifty:

    Night :wave:

  16. come back to us :hug:

  17. I smell cookies :shifty:

  18. You win the award for longest running sig and avy :)

  19. Hey Josh, how is it going?

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