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    Sarah Michelle Gellar - Absolute Favorite<br />Kristen Stewart - Newest Dish<br />Sabina Kelly - Secret Obsession<br /><br />Pin-ups (old and new)<br /><br />Women who actually care how they dress!!<br /><br />Heels, god I love a woman in a fantastic set of heels. Red soles encouraged!!

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  1. ~~ Yes,I know.I go to NYC every year,I was just there in late April/early May.I always go to at least 2 games.It's a must.I always sit in between third base and home plate.Field championship seats.I but tickets on StubHub.I paid around $1,100 for 4 tickets for 2 games.You know as well as I do what they go for on e-Bay.Insanity.I know too well the crazy ass amount tickets go for.But,hey-y

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