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  1. Please stop making posts on my profile asking for model IDs. There is a board on Bellazon for that - HERE :flower:

  2. Please stop posting messages on here asking me to ID models for you. Bellazon has Model ID boards for that. :flower:

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    2. kimflorida


      You too? And the requests are always from people I don't know. I wouldn't mind so much if I was familiar with the person who was asking, but it's kinda rude when someone you don't know messages you with... 'Hey, who is this?'

    3. drod2070


      The most recent one I'm assuming doesn't use English as his primary language(judging from the grammar) and here are a couple of pics that he sent me.  I have a bunch of photos like this and then a couple of pics of who I think is Anelia Moor.  I let him know about posting where everyone can see as opposed to me since the odds of many eyes seeing it would greatly increase the odds of getting an answer.  Hope that all is well...

      1230552163_triumph-lingerie-fashion-show-at-hayat-regency-at-andheri-pictures039.jpg.dcfbbf2ee7081076458761e6f6e849ee(2).jpg.b7ce22af9a27e11079ed973e3a86.jpg 1251510990_indian-model-female-wallpaper-10642-12x9(5).jpg.51b867082f834574d24cc120a62758af.jpg.173fbfdfc29157d27d02a83e1b96ae37.jpg
    4. kimflorida


      I know EXACTLY which member you are talking about. I had to tell them to stop contacting me. It was getting so annoying! 😂 

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