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  1. Siren


    What the...how old is she? She looks twelve!
  2. Siren

    Jessica Biel

    For all the Jessica Biel lovers out there Click Here.
  3. Siren

    Jessica Biel

    I saw her on Jay Leno from those caps. She was so sweet and down to earth. I love her to death.
  4. He looks soooo hot with a goatee...without it he's ok. Keep the goatee!
  5. Siren

    Jessica Biel

    I like girls that look like they can hold their own...I hate the whiny pathetic ones.
  6. 1. Kate Beckinsale 2. Jessica Biel 3. Rosario Dawson 4. Natalie Portman 5. Eliza Dushku 6. Kate Winslet 7. Mandy Moore 8. Adriana Lima 9. Jennifer Anniston 10.Ali Larter In no real order...it changes all the time.
  7. Siren

    Jessica Biel

    Yeah, she said she had to go on a strict diet and strict exercise routine and it was killing her cause she couldn't eat what she wanted.
  8. Adriana may be everywhere, but damn...who can resist her face and body?
  9. Siren

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    Kylie Minogue greatest hits.
  10. Also Fat White Vampire Blues by Andrew Fox, brilliant comical novel. The follow up Bride of the Fat White Vampire wasn't that great but it still got raving reviews.
  11. Siren

    Jessica Biel

    Ooooh yeah...I think that was her best outfit yet.
  12. Siren

    Jessica Biel

    I read it, nice review. But critics are idiots...bleh. Did anybody see her on Jay Leno? She was beautiful. So down to earth and not fake and giddy at all like SOME actresses who shall remain nameless... Some of the younger actresses should really take a lesson from Jess on how to act, I loved her attitude, she was just so calm and cool.
  13. Siren

    Lindsay Lohan

    I like Lindsay but lately she's just been going too wild for my tastes. She only had one good song on the entire album she put out and that was "Rumors". She copied Britney and Hilary and put out a teeny bopper album...I really thought she was better than that, especially after hearing "Rumors"....Sad.
  14. Wow, Natalie is such a great beauty and she's so sweet. She always makes me smile whenever I see her.
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