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  1. So Doutzen got a boob job? *Shrugs*. Atleast it turned out alright.
  2. I wasn't rooting for her. Her face is dull, and she's not very pretty. A good model, sure, but I don't find her as likable as Tyra did.
  3. I hope that other girl isn't an angel either. She looks so bland. But Doutzen looks lovely. .
  4. I would think her and Raphael would still be together. I mean, they just had a kid together. However, I do recall reading that their relationship was on the rocks.
  5. She looks so much like Gemma Ward. I loved her in Mamma Mia!. Thanks for all the pictures!
  6. She's so gorgeus. Thank You for alll the pictures.
  7. She is just so pretty, I love her. I'm so happy for her and Raphael, what with the new addition, and all...
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