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  1. I remember seeing her on some Korean TV show before she was in America and it was just incredible. I kinda don't like the watered down pop sound of her album, but it's good seeing her succeed after all she's been through.
  2. Ayumi is like an icon, and has had a great impact in terms of fashion, but her last few albums have suuucked. But she seems like she's really hardworking and heartfelt with her lyrics (at least earlier in her career) so I can admire that.
  3. I thought it was pretty obvious she had minor work done to her nose, lip filler like every other young actress, and breasts done because of the obvious changes between the first and second Transformers films. As an actress that doesn't have an overflow of acting cred, it isn't far-fetched that she would want to keep up her appearance. If no one is being insulting about it, why should it be forbidden to talk about?
  4. I wonder how much those guys are paid to put up with her.
  5. So true. Thing is so that Fashion seeks to be seen as so different, but pretty much coasts on using the same thing all the time. + I like your avatar/icon. But I hope that Megan can find some kind of niche that might show promise under the "sexy" veneer.
  6. I love Meisa! Glad to see her have a thread here.
  7. I think you should see her music videos, I don't know if any of you knew she's also a 'singer' since I only saw 'actress/model' in the first post.
  8. She kinda looks like she's sick in those beach pictures. Just a little underwhelming.
  9. Hmm I will agree to an extent. I have to keep in mind that I don't stay updated with American mainstream pop. But after being a really big fan w/ GGGB, it feels like Rated R is just a disappointment. I was a super big fan and I just feel like she's capable of better. And I love the big forehead as well, shes does it better than say Tyra.
  10. Oh! Youre back with SNSD goods. I can't wait for the "Black Soshi" concept to come out.
  11. me neither but the video is awsome! Speaking from personal experience, I know its hard to find a good style for big foreheads. But damn, I can't imagine having one the size of China like her. But I think its just too extreme of an image change, and her music isn't even that good for pop standards. Shes never been the most talented, or had too much of a personality but her image just isn't working like it was before.
  12. I recently bought it as well, and I surprisingly love it. I think its so much better than the fame which was better than most albums of the genre, but the singles were the few great songs. But Fame Monster is all great tracks Except maybe Alejandro.
  13. Her dress for the Jay Leno show was gorgeous. I love seeing her on the late night talk shows.
  14. Well I pretty much live at the makeup counters in my local mall, so I always wondered who it was with those amazing eyebrows in the Bobbi Brown ads. I found out her name like three weeks ago but then forgot. Lily looked so amazing in the show, but I wish they would have at least given her a better outfit since she only had one.
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