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  1. Which one you talking bout?

    just go to last page of my thread and you can point out which one ;)

  2. :o me spying? never :chicken:

    Havent seen you in forever, how it goes cyp :hug:

  3. boooooo it cut off my comment :laugh:

    anyways how have you been? :flower:

  4. Soyee :hug:

    recently ive watched

    A Bittersweet Life (Dalkomhan insaeng)

    Rikidozan: A Hero Extraordinary (Yeokdosan)

    Exiled (Fong juk)

    Memories Of Murder (Salinui chueok)

    a few nights back i saw

    Shadowless Sword (Muyeong geom)

    Im sure i have seen more recently but thats all i remember. Have you seen any of those?

    anyways hows ev

  5. soyee you back :hug: :hug:

    how you been, where you been hiding all this time :shifty:

    anyways glad to see your back I missed you and all your foreign movie recomendations :P (which i need new ones)

  6. :o you leaving us :cry: why? :(

  7. hey soyee, havent seen you in forever how you been :hug:

  8. Hey Mel :wave:, dunno if you noticed but your avi dont work :ninja: or did you mean to have that image :idk:

  9. :wave: hey chick style havent seen you in forever. And i see you lurkin in my profile :ninja: anways Hows it going?

  10. hey new girl :wave:

    how you like it so far round here? What models you like?

  11. hey wicked :wave:

    your top 8 is great :yes:

    that is all, bye :D

  12. :woot: you avi/sig are fantastic, stammy is so :wub:

  13. Hey just wanted to say hi and that you have great taste. Andreea Diaconu, Diana moldovan and now this alexandra sandor girl :)

    anyways bye :wave:

  14. jimmy, you been awfully quiet lately. How is everything going?

  15. I really like your new avi :)

  16. I see you spying on my profile :trout:

    :wave: :hug:

  17. Hey Jennka :wave:

  18. Hey everyone :wave:

    Jennka who you be? I see you got a lot of posts but I dont recall seeing you :(

    Hey Soyee and ennaid :hug:

  19. hey you, you really think i should add nat to my avi? I think we can do better :P

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