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  1. i had a girl crush on her about half an hour ago! Geez, bleh.
  2. heyy. does anyone know where this picture comes from: ? i guess its a show but which one? Uch... I'll be grateful for any help )
  3. 1. evniness 2. emptiness 3. when they give up their habits and stuff for men 4. when they are your mom and tell you to go to sleep at 11 pm name 4 that you have about men than ;p
  4. 1. colors 2. juiciness? 3. the way it makes you think of summer 4. taste! name 4 that you love about girls. or more.
  5. Dederka


    I have a tiny hole in my eyebrow since an fire-and-some-hair-around-eyes accident. XD
  6. Dederka

    Weight Loss

    Oh. That could actually be nice
  7. ~~ Hey Dede....you're the second person I've "met" with that name. :) See you latahhh... ;) * N * ~~

  8. congrats. are you same tall as i am? Oo
  9. Dederka

    Stupid Trends

    Dederka, hit the quote button, then hit the reply button next to it. That should work. Woow, it did. thaaank youu ;**
  10. You too :D Mine is Dorothy, but I'm called Dede. xD

  11. yes. At the moment, for example. Do you keep your room tidy?
  12. no can you sew yourself a keychain dollie?
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