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  1. Lyon


  2. Dropping some love ♥

  3. Lyon

    sheng ri kuai le suzy ^_^

  4. just curious...who's the guy in the middle? mathias looks a bit weird in this pic...no nostril...
  5. OMG!!! love this one so much! thank you, "thebelgianhare"!!
  6. Munichmarty, thank you so much!!! so as those who post these nice pics of mathias. thank you! (Y)
  7. why people's faces on the edge of the photo out of shape? eveyone's face proportion looks strange...
  8. Hi! I read my comments very seldom, so I'm a bit late again. :D Of course I added you. No problem at all. :) I hope you're having a nice day too!

    - Cuchulain

  9. hahaha!! Heraldic Angel, you're so interesting. i like what you wrote on your avatar! Happy Birthday to Mathias!!
  10. just saw your comment, so nice of you :)

    hope you're doing great:D

  11. Yeah~! hope i can get other mathias cataloques as well!! but i don't know which brand has he in it...I know he has showed up in H&M catalogue, but we don't have H&M store here...:-(

  12. Have a nice day! :-)

  13. Hi! thanks for adding me as a friend. ;-) Have a nice day!

  14. Munichmarty, thank you very much for those nice pictures!! Danmark is a nice place to live...sooo beautiful!! wow...most of them can speak english pretty well there...that's... i think i must miss something, cuz i have no impression that i've seen things about danmark... Cuchulain, thanks to mention that again anyway! and by the way...i'm quite surprised that in Germany, american movies changes english to german... this is really weird...why to do so?? i asked one of my friend who's currently study in Madrid, she said that movies change language to spanish there as well. we really have no idea why... (she said when she first heard Nicole Kidman speaking spanish in the theater...she can't help but laughing out loud... )
  15. Great that you got the lacoste catalogue now !!!

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