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  1. Cancer sounds logic to me...

    Her mother had one and Lucas saying "Don't ever leave me"...well it's kind of the thing people say on a show when some heavy thing is going to happen.

    Happy-go-lucky L/P never lasts...there's always something happening and the fact that they alwys find a way to face it together is what makes them so close.

    As much as I love them I don't really want to see them kissing and giggling a whole season.I kinda love drama. :/ what a masochist I am!

    Seriously as long as they're in love I can handle everything!

  2. Best Ep since S1 I loved it so much!Chad can be proud of himself he did such a great job.Now I know for sure why I'm still watching this show!

    Made these :

    his smile after the kiss is to die for!And I loved how brightful were their eyes in that scene.C/H got the most amazing chemistry I've ever seen on TV.

    And the rain scene was sooo hearttakin' I watched it like 4 times today

    leyton-copie-3.gif leyton.png vlcsnap-00104.jpg vlcsnap-00105.jpg
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