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  1. I'm a little late on the commenting on Jay leaving Korea, but I have been following this story since it happened. It's been a few months already and I'm still really sad/mad about the whole situation. You take a fustrated teen from the states and put him into a totally new environment, of course he's going to be upset. Maybe his choice of words about his situation as a trainee weren't the best, but let's face it, that's how many American teen's talk. Jay really did "make" the group. Every single one of them was so close to him, and he always brought a fresh, positive attitude to everything. I've been watching all of the variety shows they did together, their performances, and interviews as a 7 person group and they were all so happy. Now, they do smile and laugh, but it's not the same. You can see pain in their eyes everytime they achieve something without Jay being there. I just really hope he decides to come back once 2PM is ready to promote a new album. XD Happier days XD
  2. Ring Ding Dong is my fav song right now!! And I love the MV, the dancing is really good!
  3. ^^^Aww, are you going to go see them?? I'M SEEING THEM MONDAY! I got tickets to "It's On With Alexa Chung" show in Times Square!! I can't wait!
  4. I think Bill looks PERFECT now! Amazing hair! Love all their new songs, even though I didn't in the beginning. Can't wait for Humanoid!
  5. He's so gorgeous! During every era! I got my tickets for "This Is It" for the 31th!!!
  6. They are my fav girl group! They don't even seem like rookies, they bring the best energy and authenticity out of the girl groups in my opinion. I'm so happy they are preforming all the songs off of their mini album! Can't wait for 'In The Club'. 'Pretty Boy' is amazing live. Can't for episode 9 of 2NE1 TV is subbed. It's been out for like a week already <_<
  7. I love f(x)!! Amber is hott!! Luna has an amazing voice. Sulli is adorable. Victoria is so freakin flexible. And Krystal is gorgeous. I learned the whole Lachata dance already! lol I can't wait to see more from them! Thanks for all the updates on the Kpop threads!
  8. I know what she says in the video!! She says, "I'm dying of embarrassment."
  9. OMG! All of those pics say "Image Not Retouched"! She has a perfect body and face Thanks for the pics!
  10. TOP and Tae look soo hott!! Thanks for all the updates!
  11. This is such a sad day! R.I.P. Michael
  12. I love the colors they are wearing in the HITE CF! TOP and Tae look hottt! And Dae's arms are getting BIGGGG! lol Still not loving Bong's hair....but it's growing on me. I miss Seung-Ri Thanks for all the pics XD
  13. Where's Jessica?? She hasn't been with them for a while now.
  14. They look like they are having fun XD GD's style has been.....interesting lately haha TOP looks perfect, as usual lol Thanks for the pics!
  15. Suprisingly, in a lot of online polls that ask who they want the winner to be, it's very 50/50. In fact, I even saw Kris leading in a few, so we have to make sure we VOTE for Adam on Tuesday!!
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