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  1. Will go to sleep soon I think.. yea its past bedtime xd

  2. Rox

    noo.. I was just in time xd Happy new year btw :D

  3. Rox

    Guess who's back :d

  4. And a .. slightly late merry christmas to you too davey! :d

  5. Helloo, nice to meet you fellow Lima/Poly-fan ;D

  6. Rox

    You would stay in my room right :brows: my bed is comfy

  7. Rox

    Boom boom boom, I want you in my room

  8. Hello, hello! Hows u? :)

  9. Where are the new Kodah and Nacho pics :ninja: you told me to check bz, cant find them!

  10. Pretty ava by the way, I'm starting to like Taylor's face better.. Never thought Id say that :ninja:

  11. Rox

    Yes, find a nice Se

  12. Sucker I was online tonight :blah: and btw you were right I guess I didn't add you :rofl: well, I can see you on my BB's msn.. but not when im on regular msn :ninja:

  13. Rox

    sorry late reply, as usual ;P were doing great, just sucks that I dont see him that often :D .. butyea, now youre up against a team of terrorists.. ready for that? :ninja:

  14. Ahahahahah ohh xD well you gotta give Limey points for that one, it was good :laugh:

  15. Oh and btw I do not practice on fruits :ninja: :rofl:

  16. ;D missing me with the competitions? :hehe:

  17. No not really, I quite liked it :) I'm a sick, sick, sick human being hehe. Do you want to be on the menu as well?

  18. Rox

    Action= -Reaction :ninja: bring it bitch. I'll take you and your army of baguettes down :whistle:

  19. Rox

    ..Pssh, you think? ;) How naive. I'm taking France down.

  20. But you can be my prince charming and come save me :wub: or just let me get killed by a horse.. If I were you I'd choose the last one xD

  21. In a ranch full of big, white horses :whistle: Nah jk, just busy with school and other stuff, how's you?

  22. Rox

    Taking it easy this year, I'll bombard all the Italians and French in 2010 ;)

  23. Cleaned my inbox and killed your message :rofl: didnt read it yet, send me again?

  24. No... no loser it is not 'nice' at all :ninja: school is horrible :cry: it's gonna kill me somwhere next week, am sure of that. But you can come do it for me if you like it so much :whistle: For me, vacation never get's boring, being lazy all day.. love it ;)

    Yea making out and some other stuff too :laugh:

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