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  1. Here is the current Hollister store photo of Wesley Morgan and Lane Lindell. (July 09) Adorable.
  2. I am posting where to find "Majority Rules" trailer: hope it works. Check it out. http://oasisinternational.com/newPreviews/MajorityRules.htm
  3. Wesley Morgan just wrapped Season One of "Majority Rules". You can see the trailer online. He plays "Jack Braddock".....airing this September. He is the hottie love interest!!!!
  4. I think the photo in the red toque came from Bodybuilding.com I hope this helps.
  5. another abercrombie shot........
  6. Another example of complete male beauty discovered by Bruce Weber.
  7. Check out this hot new find WESLEY MORGAN. He is in the upcoming "The Rocker" and Paradise Falls Season Three. He is also an Abercrombie model....can't wait to see more of him!!!!!
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