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  1. {name}

    Place of Birth

    Bruchsal in Baden-Württemberg in Germany
  2. I'm just German and East Prussian from my mother's side
  3. she's so beautiful, I love that she is such a curvy beauty and not such a skinny woman.
  4. awwww thanks Julia Love the ones with Marisa and KK
  5. thanks Julia love the new pics
  6. she can make the worst dress looking good on her
  7. awwww thanks for the nice welcoming, guys glad to see you too missing you so much at AAOF... it's just not the same without you...
  8. {name}

    Classic Supermodels

    uhhhhh that's hard... I love Christy, Claudia and Linda so much... but I have to vote for Christy . But Claudia and Linda are a close second and third...
  9. I love her, she's so awesome and has such a sweet personality Thanks for all the great pictures
  10. awwww what amazing pics especially the Cosmopolitan South Africa Cover Thanks guys
  11. {name}

    Queer As Folk

    I just love that show Brain is so hot I also liked Ben, but I started to dislike Michael after a while oO... I can't wait for season 4 to come out on DVD in Germany.
  12. Full House Growing Pains Friends Sex and the City Will and Grace Queer as Folk
  13. {name}


    I love Supernatural. Can't wait for season 2 to beginn in Germany...
  14. wooow, I haven't seen this Polham pic before thanks and of course thanks to all for the other pics
  15. woaaaah that pic is just so sexy and the runway pics are great, too thanks magic
  16. thanks PlayGirl. Julia looks beautiful
  17. losing the boyfriend. real friendships last longer than relationships... well not always but most of the time. I need my best friend. But I hope that I never be in that kind of situation where I have to choose
  18. Hello to everybody here I just wanna drop in to introduce myself! I'm visiting the forum for a few weeks now, but I finally got the time to join It's really great here My name is Sandra (but you can call me Sandy if you want) and I'm from Germany. I'm 19 years old, atm If someone wants to know anything else, just ask
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