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  1. Thank you so much Lay! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Wish you all the best Lay! :)

    (yeah, school exams. we have them in 9th and 11th classes)

  3. Oh.. june- exams, the free july, and week ago i came back from Paphos (Cyprus) it was amazing!

    and where you spend your holiday? how was it? :)

  4. Hey Lay, how are you? :)

  5. =)

    Yeah, school... exams soon :(

    I'm still watching and hoping for better, cos I think the first season was the best

    and do you watch?

  6. heeey!!

    how are you?=)

  7. yeah! almost 2 weeks of rest=))

    We need it! Absolutely)

  8. Heeeyy!

    I hate school. I'm so tired :(

    and what about you?=)

  9. thanks <3

    how are you?

  10. hey! <3

    I missed you)

  11. Yeah, we must go and clean it. If we can't, we'll clean it at August... such a stupid thing=)

    so where are you gping to spend ypur summer?)

    my camputer kind of has an interdiction against MSN! I see ERROR when I try to download it from any server...:(

  12. I still can't download msn... yeah, school is over, but we cleaning it now till 11 of june.. so how are you?

  13. I mean here=)

    Yeah, Norway! Alexander is great!

  14. I'm gere=)

    Do you watch Eurovision?

  15. thank you too:) I have to download msn))

  16. Happy New Year!=)

  17. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  18. Thank you!!! This is Elsa Sylvan

  19. mmm... about :shifty:? haha

  20. No, I haven't, you know what? I forgot about it! How dare I! But gonna watch it soon I hope.

    About what?:shifty:

    This is Lyoka T.:)

  21. Will you be useful there?

  22. Oh, you know.. this is school, teachers started to teach so hard at first week haha=) So tomorroe is day off, and no homework finally!

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