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  1. Thanks for the link!

  2. Your avatar is hypnotizing.

    I just gotta ask where it's from..

  3. Thank you for the compliment about my username. :)

  4. Jup. The ground/soil is different in a lot of places, and to make sure your building doesn't fall over because the ground can't carry the weight of the building, you need to design with the ground. Type of foundation - basement etc etc :) .

  5. Well, I forgot to add that the project is still for school. So it's unlikely that it will be build.

    But it's a commercial building - theater/restaurant/office/fitness/spa

  6. Yeah, I'm studying to become an architect. It's pretty cool, because every building is different so there's a lot of variation.

  7. Gonna work on a architectural project :) .

  8. Hehe, thanks for sticking up for me though. :)

  9. I hate watermarks, and the quality is pretty low.

    If people gonna post the pics somewhere else and act like they were the founders just so they can finally feel like they've accomplished something in their life, they can be my guest ;) .

  10. Thanks for your comment! I thought that gif was too cute and hot not to use as an avatar :P .

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