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  1. Can't believe there's a thread on Chris Martin but not him... :blah: Let's remedy to that!! :)


    Full Name: Guy Rupert Berryman

    Born in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland on April 12, 1978

    Split up with his wife and childhood sweetheart Joanna Briston back in 2007 (so he's single!!!). Has a daughter named Nico.

    Left-handed but plays the conventional way.

    Quote: That is definitely something we work hard to promote, the idea that we are a band, not a solo artist and backing band. It is not Chris and the Coldplays.

    Source: Random quote from http: //guyberryman. net/

    Apparently, he's media-shy, so it's hard to find good pictures of just him....


  2. OMG, this pic (actually ALL are beautiful, but this one's so incredible!!) is exquisite!! thank u for all the pics and vid, fal!!! You rock when it comes to Chris...thanks for helping me with his thread...i've become lazy when it comes to his thread...so here's a HUGE :hug:
  3. Backstage Kenzo Jan08: vlacroq08janbskenzonr9.jpg

    Backstage Givenchy June06: backstagegivenchyjune06xj3.jpg

    Fall08 Moschino: 74343745ut0.th.jpg Dsquared Fall08: 92260191jy6.th.jpg Alessandro dell'Acqua Fall08: 19ol4.th.jpg Neil Barrett Fall08: 20sp7.th.jpg D&G Fall08: 25dy8.th.jpg Moschino Fall08: 30vr9.th.jpg Allessandro dell'Acqua Fall08: allessandrodellacquafalkr0.th.jpg Kenzo Fall08: kenzofall08kx0.th.jpg

    Roberto Cavalli Spring09: robertocavallispring09kc3.th.jpg Versace Spring 09: versacespring09ng2.th.jpg

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