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  1. oh and The Falconer, the unknown model on the first pic is Ryan Vigilant i think. :)

    Ah, thank you!! I must check out his other work. :brows:

    And thank you for the photos. Very very hot. Long and nicely muscled legs... and some other things... :cain:

  2. ^^ Thank you Ugh! I'm glad other people think the same. As much as I enjoy candids, I can't condone this.

    There are candids and candids. This Photobucket album that has been linked to here has blatantly crossed the line. The number of pictures alone takes it beyond fan-enthusiasm.

  3. that last pic you like reminds me of dorian gray :) and yes, the fans are nutty. its worse on the site..he moves up and down and around the screen annoyingly lol

    Lol, however did you manage to screencap it? I'd go crazy!

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