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  1. Oleg!!!!!! Oleg!!! I'm here!!! I'm here!!!!! Please do not kill me :cry:

  2. Pinky :cry:

    I have really missed you! I'm here to say hello to you. Everything's OK? :)

  3. Hey Matt!

    I'm alive :P

    Such a long time to be here. HELL YEAH!!! How's it going?

  4. I'm doing good :D What about you? You're still struggling for insomnia? :(

  5. Where are you? I'm on MSN now but you're not :cry:

  6. sure honey :shifty:

  7. I'm still struggling for writing report cards :cry:

  8. How are you feeling honey? Did you sleep well? :)

  9. Hey! :D Where were you yesterday? I didn't see you anywhere :(

  10. I've been good. What about you? :) You like all the movies what you mentioned? I love Memories of murder and A bittersweet life! I think you're digging Korean movies more than me :haha:

  11. Let's go to NY together! :D I'm so sorry Ange's friends but I need her :P

  12. My own thread? No! lol I don't deserve to have that because I've been cheated with tFS. Please forgive me BZ :cry: lol

  13. Paige! Oh my! Where have you been? I miss you so much!!! :cry: :hug:

  14. I'm going to go to NY city 2months later :D I'm so excited! What about you? :)

  15. What are you doing Alexis? :D We are here together! Hehe :)

  16. Haha :D What Asian movies have you watched recently? :)

  17. Not much :D Howa about you? Everything is good? :)

  18. I love your new ava! That's so cute!! :D Who are they? Vlada and Caroline? I saw that you beat someone who said harshly about Vlada in her thread :rofl: You're still you honey :rofl: That's why I love you!!! Muah!

  19. I miss you too Jen :hug: All the BZ things seem new! I think I have to sit up in here :P

  20. I'm back in BZ :D Where are you? <_<

  21. Ange! Where are you? :(

  22. Pinky! I miss you so much!!! :hug: How are you doing? :D

  23. Haha! I love your personal photo!:D Everything is great? :hug:

  24. Suzy! How have you been doing? :D

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