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  1. Coco is just so damn fierce with her fiery red hair! I still love this girl ;)

    i know!!!

    Jan Vogue totally had a full on article and editorial about Coco going back to her natural roots! i'd scan it... but my scanner is being retarded!


  2. Hey Helen and Danni, how are you? :wave:

    Heya Lyon!

    How are you? I haven't spoken to you in a long time! Things are going good, I am enjoying my christmas break here in my hall, in Manchester. How is Hong Kong?

  3. Rumor has it Helen is finally back from a secret mission to find the secret ingredient in a secret food. ... secret

    Aye yes, it's all top secret ;)

    Rumour has it that bronx bomber stole all the underwear in the VS shop in NYC :o

  4. LOL!! You won't be, just try and be positive! I have an essay to write but atm all the books are gone from the library and I hate referencing so much.

    What are you studying in Uni??

    The 19th is the day I break up for my X'mas holidays!

    OMG! If I get a C- or lower, i have to repeat the course. AHHHHH! I'm gonna pull my hair out!

    Yeah, it's mine too so therefore I have to have all my work turned in by 5 pm on that day.

    Oh I know the feeling. If I fail an essay then I get an automatic retry but after I will have to see the panel :/ But just take it easy, stressing won't help, but getting down and doing it does! :hug:

    You know what sucks? i'm sick and i still have to do homework. Thank you :hug:

    You are sick? Eeek, you need to sleep it off! Trust me, sleep it off first will make you recover and work better afterwards :D I hope you will feel better soon :hug:

  5. wow...didn't know that about Lily Cole

    and agree these are the girl you should look up too :hehe:

    OH heck yeah, I met Emma once in a shop and I got her autograph and she seemed very nice and generous :)

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