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  1. LOL, just thought that I too should talk a little about moi. I'm 20, studying a Nursing degree in the University of Manchester in England. Ummm, yeah, I like Mathias and he is a very talented model. I speak three languages, but I am most fluent in English. Ummmm, what else? I am hoping work for Medicins Sans Frontieres one day That is ITT about me, I am terribly boring
  2. It really is a wonderful thing that we can transcend all these differences with common interests. However, I don't mind sharing about myself! I am 17, my family is Russian but we live in America. I am going to Brown University this year! Also, I don't know if you would ever guess this about me, but I think Mathias is a STAR!!!!!! WOoo Congrats!!! You must be soo proud to get into the Ivy League! Have fun bumping to Emma Watson
  3. Anybody doing anything this weekend?
  4. I watched Inception and this man is BEAUTIFUL. Thank god that my boyfriend looks a bit like him
  5. Btw, your Mr Burns icon is making me laugh ;)

  6. Heya Michael! Thanks for your comment, I am doing well, nearly finished with my second year of Uni and I can't wait to go on holiday! So how are you lately??? I missed you too!

  7. Hello my slovenian friend ;) How are you? How is everything going?

    Much love :D

  9. LOL, I think ther campaign is perfect for Mathias. He ISSSSS hard to resist! Josh Hartnett? Pretty easy to be honest...
  10. I think that Germany has a high chance of winning in this world cup!
  11. Michael! How be you? Long time no speak, I hope everything is well with you :D

  12. I don;t know you, but I love you already LOL, just thought that Germany might aswell go all the way and beat them in the most spectacular manner ever. 6 goals and I could die happy. England players were too scared, but too cocky when they are playing for their own football clubs
  13. Heya Lyon! Glad to know that I have been missed! I miss you too I was kinda glad that England lost, I secretly wanted Germany to beat them with 5 goals, but 4 is good enough. It's a slap to the players' face- they need to up their game.
  14. I agree with Reeyo, when you eventually are having a wax, you can't wait to get it over and done with
  15. Heya Jorge!! I have checked out your site, it's sweet! I hope you are well, I'm doing great, just lots of work and I can't wait till it's the holidays! How is everything going on with you?

  16. Omg, I know how you feel! Trust me, at 13, some girls haven't even had their periods yet! So don't feel "unsual" or "out of place", it's just natural to have hair down there!! As for what to do down there, I wouldn't recommend shaving it off with a razor just yet! Try other, easier options first to see how you feel. If you can, get a small pair of scissors and give it a light trim if you have a lot of hair down there. Then if you feel more comfortable, try using clippers (like the ones men use for having a stubble). I've used clippers in the past and they are great! They can get the hair down to a short length without any pain at all, just make sure that you do it in a downward motion (like, literally trimming down towards your vagina) to avoid getting it extra short. I once shaved and it made me itch like mad, I guess skin down there is just tooo sensitive! But everyone is different, I have friends who shave daily and it doesn't cause them any problems at all. If you are thinking of shaving, try shaving a small area first to see what it's like. And finally, you can go for a wax. I recently had a couple of waxes down there and it nearly killed me in some areas But anyway, before you do that, try the options I have mentioned above earlier Good luck
  17. Hello everyone, anyone watching the football?
  18. OH Hello guys! Omg, I am soo glad that this thread is alive in my absence! Thanks everyone, your hard work doesn't go unnoticed! I am soo glad that he is still modelling and he is as good as ever Love you loads, MunichMarty!
  19. Wooooo! Go Mathias!! YOU ARE FIERCEEE!!
  20. Heya Jorge!

    Sorry for not being in touch for so long! I am doing well, University is killing me with the sheer amount of work I have to do, but otherwise I am alive and well ;) How are you?

  21. Just a Taste As excitement builds for the upcoming NY/London/Milan/Paris shows, here’s a taste of the beauty and madness to come. Our friends at Scoop Models in Copenhagen, mother agency to MDC favorite Mathias Lauridsen sent us some alluring images of the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week. Enjoy! www.models.com I really like the second picture!
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