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  1. Ohhh no! I hope he changes soon with this privacy settings, allowing our dear MunichMarty to communicate with him! Bleehhhh, it's probably got something to do with those crazy fan girls spamming his message inbox all because they can't contain their curiosity in a mature manner!

  2. OMG!!

    Okok, I am thinking of a kick-ass question to ask him:

    Ok Mathias, you are hosting a wonderful dinner party and here are the questions:

    where would it be?

    Would you cook?

    If so, what would you cook?

    Who would you bring?

    That is it :)

  3. Hmmm, as for eye brows, I have been thinking about it alot lately. I have really faint eye brows and I am considering buying the kit from Benefit. But the thing is, I am worried that I won't be able to have the right colour, resulting in my eye brows looking too dark and obv scare the living daylight out of me :/

  4. Nah, I am not a fan of the trend. Too many people wear it like pants/trousers/jeans and not bearing in mind you need to cover your CAMEL TOE, ladies. Wear them if you wish, but make sure that it covers your crotch completely.

  5. LOL, just thought that I too should talk a little about moi.

    I'm 20, studying a Nursing degree in the University of Manchester in England. Ummm, yeah, I like Mathias and he is a very talented model. I speak three languages, but I am most fluent in English. Ummmm, what else? I am hoping work for Medicins Sans Frontieres one day :D

    That is ITT about me, I am terribly boring :D

  6. It might be a bit off topic but as Iam usualy in this thread and rarley somewhere else...

    A few weeks ago I joined a German forum because I needed help with a computer problem.

    I introduced myself, means I mostly wrote about my problem. Afterwards the admin complained that I didn´t write much about myself.

    I was a bit surprised because I got good friends here at bellazon and from some I only know the nickname. I like to have international contact but what I love is that it´s not important if you are male or female, black or white, gay or straight . It`s only important that we share interests here ( Mathias ?! hopefully) and like to share it with otheres.

    It really is a wonderful thing that we can transcend all these differences with common interests. :D However, I don't mind sharing about myself! I am 17, my family is Russian but we live in America. I am going to Brown University this year! Also, I don't know if you would ever guess this about me, but I think Mathias is a STAR!!!!!! :laugh:

    WOoo Congrats!!! You must be soo proud to get into the Ivy League! Have fun bumping to Emma Watson ;)

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